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Are you interested in Sporting Trials?

If so there are 3 ways to become involved.

1. Come along and spectate - with the proviso that you let us know you're coming.

2. Come along and take part by marshalling or passengering. This would be wonderful. Again, we need to know if this is your plan so we can make the necessary arrangements.

3. Come along to a 'Taster' Day where you would be able to drive a trials car in competition conditions alongside an experienced driver.

Our Club events take place in the Penrith - Kendal region.

If you think you might be interested message us using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Regs available for the Chairman's

@ Colston's Farm       25 February 2024

                    Edenhall Trophy Results


                   1st  Mike Salton & Dave Wilson

                    2nd Bob Packham & Mark Tallon

                     3rd  Bill Rhodes & Kate Imrie

EdenhallTrophy at Croglin 1 11/02/2024                                                                     Karen Briggs

2024 season got underway with the AGM and presentation dinner at the Edenhall Hotel. After a positive meeting, landowners and members enjoyed an excellent meal followed by the presentation of awards for the 2023 season. Richard and Mike both needing to hire trucks to transport their silverware home!

2023 Championship Winners
Overall and A Class Richard Sharp
Live Bob Packham
B Class John Firth
C Class Francis Regan

In near perfect conditions, the following morning we headed to the compact and bijou site, Croglin I, which has a bit of everything, grass banks, wooded sections and bracken.
Richard set 6 challenging but possible sections (par for the course was 2!) that he tweaked or changed each round, keeping everyone on their toes. He managed to catch most drivers out somewhere.

Andrew had a good day - apart from his very first hill of the trial where he took a 4.
Matt had a good day - apart from the 7 marker that got in his way on hill 5 round 2.
Jeff had a great day- until he lost his brakes in the last round.
Barryand Bill both had an excellent morning but were caught out when Richard increased tyre pressures from free choice to 5 psi at lunchtime, both taking a 7 on hill 4 in round 3.
John Firth and Bob managed to hold it together until the last round, when both took a 5 on hill 1. John then took a 7 on hill 6 after the drizzle started.

Lots of good drives and several potential winners but the only one to keep his cool and drive well ALL day was winner Mike Salton on 16. Well done Mike.
He was closely followed by Bob on 18.

Glenn Bennett's photos from The Edenhall Trophy Trial at Croglin 1


There are more of Glenn's photos from Croglin and plenty from last year on the Photos Page.

Thomas Bricknell won the Gold Star

and Jeff Armitstead  the Silver. 

David Morris at Colston's February 2010 - photo by Glenn Bennett.

 Here are the dates for next year. These events will need a Clerk or two so let Andrew know which you could do. If you won a pot last year please get it to John/Ann ASAP, possibly at Firbank. 

2Trials Car2 in


Historic motorsport photos from Brian Bolt

More from Westgate Ford including this Riley Sprite, Lagondas (V12?) and Bentleys. There are also classic rally Volvos, Lancias and Saabs.

Merry Christmas

Sunny Scotland 10 years ago!

Superb photos of the Beamish Reliability Trial.

Don't miss the Velocette in the drink at Westgate Ford.

Is that the S. Tyne or the Wear?

Brian Bolt's Photos from the John Southern at Gale Hall


Glenn Bennett's Photos from the Yorkshireman Trial at Hay Fell


Red Admiral

Speckled Wood

Painted Lady

There are many more of Glenn's photos on the 'Photos' page of this website. 


Glenn's photos from The Robin Jager at sunny Ings

Information about our sport and how to apply for membership of our Club can be found amongst these web pages.

However, if you require further details the Club can be contacted using the form below.


About Sporting Trials

S.C.T. or Sporting Car Trials is a very simple form of motor sport. It consists of a driving test with no constraints on time or speed, all that is required is to score as few penalty points as possible. The course is laid out into different “sections” which are demarcated by 12 gates which in turn are numbered from 12 to 1. The driver attempts each section and has to try and drive through the section and neither stop nor hit any of the gates, to do so would incur the score of that particular gate.


The cars are controlled by a conventional steering wheel generally with a knob on the wheel as steering is a one handed affair, and two “fiddle brakes” which are independent brakes attached to the rear driving wheels, these allow the driver to control wheel spin and to allow the car to turn almost within its own length. The driver is assisted by a passenger who uses his body weight to stabilize the car.


The car’s construction is governed by the rules in the MSA blue book and mainly consist of engine size and placement and seating position and wheelbase and track. Also all cars must carry a functioning spare wheel.


All cars use standard 165x80x15 R type radials intended for road use and have a differential which is “free and uninterrupted".


SCT is possibly one of the cheapest form of “specialist” motor sport and allows home built cars and professionally constructed cars to compete at the same level. One of the joys of this sport is that it is possible to compete in a car built 30 years ago and win against brand new machinery. The rules have had no changes in that time which would give the newer car any major advantage.


If you wish to attend any of our competitions we would be very pleased to see you there, simply use the maps to find the venue, most competitions start around 10:30 hrs.